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  1. Platinum Procyon<p>Fountain Pen<p>PNS-5000<p/>
  2. Platinum Procyon<p>Fountain Pen<p>PNS-5000<p/>
  3. Platinum Procyon<p>Fountain Pen<p>PNS-5000<p/>
  4. Platinum Procyon<p>Fountain Pen<p>PNS-5000<p/>
  5. Platinum Procyon<p>Fountain Pen<p>PNS-5000<p/>
  6. Platinum Procyon<p>Fountain Pen<p>PNS-5000<p/>
  7. Platinum Procyon<p>Fountain Pen<p>PNS-5000<p/>
  8. Platinum Procyon<p>Fountain Pen<p>PNS-5000<p/>

Platinum Procyon

Fountain Pen


  • SeriesProcyon
  • ModelPNS-5000
  • BodyBarrel, cap, crown: Coating on aluminum Grip: AS resin Grip ring, gold ring, body screw: Chrome plating on brass Clip: Chrome plating on iron
  • NibStainless steel Clip: Chrome plating
  • Weight23.3g
  • Size139.7 mm (full length) × 14.4mm (max. diameter)
  • BrandPlatinum
  • OriginJapan
  • Others:

Platinum Procyon Fountain Pen, PNS-5000The Platinum Procyon fountain pen is named after the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Minor, one of the 21 first magnitude stars.In the hope to brigh


Platinum Procyon Fountain Pen, PNS-5000

procyon pic.jpg

The Platinum Procyon fountain pen is named after the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Minor, one of the 21 first magnitude stars.

In the hope to brighten up the workplace, the Platinum Procyon pen is an aluminum pen designed in bright colors with a modern look.

This Platinum Procyon has many great features. The first is a new body-style, it carries a fairly minimalist design, the finish is matte, not glossy and feels pleasantly smooth. The body and cap are both made with aluminum which helps the pen to be both light and balanced.

In addition, a vintage-styled steel nib in pentagonal shape is used for this Procyon, which is more responsive writing. The Platinum’s pentagonal shaped nib in gold was primarily used on the first fountain pen of Platinum Pen in 1962. The same production knowhow for such a pen nib is also applied to the PROCYON fountain pen. The stainless steel nib has been continuously improved by Platinum with a writing feel similar to that of a gold nib, which is really enjoyable to write with.

One more thing that makes this Procyon special is the unique breather hole. The newly-designed breather hole is at the bottom of the feed instead of on the top, the result is that this unique position allows for you to fill the last remaining drops of ink in a bottle.    


This Procyon is available in 5 different colors and the pen point is available with either a Medium or Fine nib.

#3 Porcelain White / #25 Persimmon Orange / #50 Deep Sea / #52 Turquoise Blue / #68 Citron Yellow

PROCYON fountain pen employs the “Slip & Seal ”mechanism, this mechanism allows for complete air-tightness inside of the cap preventing ink from drying out even if left for over a year. Other fountain pens can dry out in as little as 2–4 weeks without use, but Platinum's Slip and Seal cap prevents dryout for over a year without use.

Slip and Seal.jpg

With all these new  features, this makes Procyon an ideal pen for new fountain pen users and people who like to switch pens frequently. The subtly sparkling aluminum body goes with a solid steel-nibbed pen, this Platinum Procyon can be used both in business and in your private time regardless of gender.

If you are looking for a step up from some of the starter pens, Platinum Procyon is a great choice.

Presented in Platinum gift box together with one Platinum ink cartridge

Size: 140mm long, 120mm uncapped, 156mm posted.

Diameter:  14.4mm max



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