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  1. Rubinato Pen Desk Set <p>#7798<p/>
  2. Rubinato Pen Desk Set <p>#7798<p/>
  3. Rubinato Pen Desk Set <p>#7798<p/>
  4. Rubinato Pen Desk Set <p>#7798<p/>
  5. Rubinato Pen Desk Set <p>#7798<p/>

Rubinato Pen Desk Set


  • SeriesDesk Set
  • Model7798
  • Body
  • NibWooden Pen with Metal Nib
  • Weight
  • Size
  • BrandRubinato
  • OriginItaly
  • Others:

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Inkwell Set By Rubinato, #7798

Beautiful glass inkwell desk set and wooden dip pen with nib.

This inkwell desk set is double-cup ink with lid and there is a design slot for dip pen to rest.

This is an eye catching piece which catches and reflects the lighting to enhance your desktop while providing a vintage style.

This calligraphy set makes a terrific gift for the writers, teachers, students, family and friends.


Size box 25x13x9cm

Package includes:

1 * Glass inkwell

2 * Inkwell lid

1 * Wooden pen with metal nib 

1 * Simil-wood eco-pressed carton base


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