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  1. Rubinato Decorative Frame<p>#7807<p/>
  2. Rubinato Decorative Frame<p>#7807<p/>
  3. Rubinato Decorative Frame<p>#7807<p/>

Rubinato Decorative Frame


  • SeriesDecorative Frame
  • Model7807
  • BodySimilwood
  • NibAssorted Metal Nibs
  • Weight
  • Size
  • BrandRubinato
  • OriginItaly
  • Others:

Decorative Frame By Rubinato, #7807Rubinato decorative frame with real writing accessories.This splendid decorative is designed for fancier of the writing pens and nibs.Italian vintage style of displa


Decorative Frame By Rubinato, #7807

Rubinato decorative frame with real writing accessories.

This splendid decorative is designed for fancier of the writing pens and nibs.

Italian vintage style of displaying all ancient metal nibs, wooden pen, blotter and ink in one frame.

All the pens and 25 nibs of various sizes and shapes are glued in the frame. You can put this vintage design frame in your living room, study room or your office as decoration to spice up your style.

This exquisite Italian decorative frame, with its old-world charm, provides a gorgeous gift for calligraphy lovers, adding a touch of beauty to any desktop setting.

It is a wonderful frame gift for writers, teachers, students, families, friends, the collectors of nibs or writing enthusiasts.



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