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  1. Rubinato Glass Pen Set<p/><p>#7375<p/>
  2. Rubinato Glass Pen Set<p/><p>#7375<p/>
  3. Rubinato Glass Pen Set<p/><p>#7375<p/>
  4. Rubinato Glass Pen Set<p/><p>#7375<p/>
  5. Rubinato Glass Pen Set<p/><p>#7375<p/>
  6. Rubinato Glass Pen Set<p/><p>#7375<p/>

Rubinato Glass Pen Set


  • SeriesGlass Pen Ink Set
  • Model7375
  • BodyHandmade Amber Glass
  • NibGlass
  • Weight
  • Size7 inches in approx
  • BrandRubinato
  • OriginItaly
  • Others:

Rubinato Spiral-Twisted Glass Pen & Ink Set by Rubinato, #7375Beautiful glass dip pen bundled with a glass matching rest and scented ink of 50cc.Colorful transparent Spiral-twisted handle glass pe


Rubinato Spiral-Twisted Glass Pen & Ink Set by Rubinato, #7375

Beautiful glass dip pen bundled with a glass matching rest and scented ink of 50cc.

Colorful transparent Spiral-twisted handle glass pen with classic straight grain glass writing nib

The glass pen is hand blown with shimmering glass; body is twisted in a light spiral.

The striated nib design holds a significant amount of ink enough for a short paragraph. 

All the tips of glass dip pens are polished that’s why they are very smooth and will not break the paper.

The color of dip pen is the original color of the glass which will never fade.

It is not only a pen, more is a work of art, very suitable for collection and as a wonderful gift to send friends, family.

The glass tip of the pen is perfect for testing ink colors or signature or for practicing of hand writing.

Each pen is approximately 7 inches long and fits comfortably in the hand.

Glass dip pens are easy to use, much easier than a dip pen with metal nib, just dip into ink and write lightly. It can be easily cleaned after use with clear water and a paper towel.

Gift-Boxed with window lid

The fragrance ink is wax sealed with the authenticity seal of Francesco Rubinato and presented in 50cc glass bottle with dried flowers decoration on label.

There are 5 pen colors for your choice

Total weight of 210g in approx

Package Includes:

1* Glass Dip Pen

1 * Glass Pen Rest

1* Scented Writing Ink of 50cc

1 * Certificate of Authenticity


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