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  1. Platinum #3776 <p>Aizu Maki-e Aonofu <p>Fountain Pen <p>PTB-100000B#56</p>
  2. Platinum #3776 <p>Aizu Maki-e Aonofu <p>Fountain Pen <p>PTB-100000B#56</p>
  3. Platinum #3776 <p>Aizu Maki-e Aonofu <p>Fountain Pen <p>PTB-100000B#56</p>
  4. Platinum #3776 <p>Aizu Maki-e Aonofu <p>Fountain Pen <p>PTB-100000B#56</p>
  5. Platinum #3776 <p>Aizu Maki-e Aonofu <p>Fountain Pen <p>PTB-100000B#56</p>
  6. Platinum #3776 <p>Aizu Maki-e Aonofu <p>Fountain Pen <p>PTB-100000B#56</p>
  7. Platinum #3776 <p>Aizu Maki-e Aonofu <p>Fountain Pen <p>PTB-100000B#56</p>
  8. Platinum #3776 <p>Aizu Maki-e Aonofu <p>Fountain Pen <p>PTB-100000B#56</p>

Platinum #3776

Aizu Maki-e Aonofu

Fountain Pen


  • Series#3776
  • ModelPTB-100000B#56
  • BodyAS Resin Maki-e
  • NibWide 18K (18-17)
  • Weight18 g
  • Size145 x 14.5 mm
  • BrandPlatinum
  • OriginJapan
  • Others:

Platinum #3776 Aizu Maki-e Aonofu Fountain Pen  Platinum Fountain Pen Aizu Maki-e Aonofu, PTB-100000B#56This Platinum Aizu Maki-e Aonofu is an extraordinary masterpiece among luxury fountain pens


Platinum #3776 Aizu Maki-e Aonofu Fountain Pen

Platinum Fountain Pen Aizu Maki-e Aonofu, PTB-100000B#56

This Platinum Aizu Maki-e Aonofu is an extraordinary masterpiece among luxury fountain pens.

It comes with two colors, Aonofu (Blue) and Akanofu (Red), made through highly skilled Japanese technique with great detail and quality.

The design of this pen is an abstract pattern of blue, silver and gold dust, finished in Aizu Maki-e lacquering. 

The Aizu lacquer technique, is famous for its long history of over 400 years as a center for urushi lacquer ware, originating from a quiet and peaceful town of Aizu.

Aizu maki-e is well known for its bold and decorative designs that have a gradation of colors and incorporates an expert polishing technique making them quite appealing.

It is a traditional craft technique that uses a kebo brush to apply gold or silver powder. It involves the application of black urushi lacquer as an additional coat and the thin silver of abalone shell is set into the surface of the lacquer. A gold leaf is pasted on the back of raden over the black resin body amplifies diversity in the luster. Three kinds of gold powder called nashijiko are sprinkled on both the body and cap, followed by the rich colors maki-e painting until the luster are reached.

This super top class maki-e painting fountain pen is beyond the scope of writing, it is a masterpiece of art that worth as a collectable.

This comes with a very smooth-writing 18k two-tone gold wide nib available in F, M and B points. 

The pen comes in a special paulownia wooden gift box, a beautiful cloth pen pouch, a bottle of ink, and a single cartridge and converter.

Platinum fountain pen is renowned of the great smoothness of its nib and weightless feel of fine writing pen.

Length: 145mm long

Diameter:  12.9mm max

Weight: 18g

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