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  1. Platinum PLAISIR <p>Fountain Pen<p>PGB-1000/PGB-1000B</p>
  2. Platinum PLAISIR <p>Fountain Pen<p>PGB-1000/PGB-1000B</p>
  3. Platinum PLAISIR <p>Fountain Pen<p>PGB-1000/PGB-1000B</p>
  4. Platinum PLAISIR <p>Fountain Pen<p>PGB-1000/PGB-1000B</p>
  5. Platinum PLAISIR <p>Fountain Pen<p>PGB-1000/PGB-1000B</p>
  6. Platinum PLAISIR <p>Fountain Pen<p>PGB-1000/PGB-1000B</p>
  7. Platinum PLAISIR <p>Fountain Pen<p>PGB-1000/PGB-1000B</p>
  8. Platinum PLAISIR <p>Fountain Pen<p>PGB-1000/PGB-1000B</p>
  9. Platinum PLAISIR <p>Fountain Pen<p>PGB-1000/PGB-1000B</p>

Platinum PLAISIR

Fountain Pen


  • SeriesPLAISIR
  • ModelPGB-1000 or PGB-1000B
  • BodyAlumite finish on aluminum/PMMA resin
  • NibStainless Steel, Fine/Medium
  • Weight15.4 g
  • Size142.5 x 15 mm
  • BrandPlatinum
  • OriginJapan
  • Others:

Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen, PGB-1000/PGB-1000BThe Platinum Plaisir is a fun and robust fountain pen made from scratch-resistant anodised aluminium.Both barrel and cap are made of aluminum and it ha


Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen, PGB-1000/PGB-1000B


The Platinum Plaisir is a fun and robust fountain pen made from scratch-resistant anodised aluminium.

Both barrel and cap are made of aluminum and it has a superior shiny finish due to its special anodized coating.

Because it has a superior shiny finish, smooth nib, lightweight and affordable price, these make it as the best starter pen for beginners.

The cap on the Platinum Plaisir fountain pen is a snap-off cap matching the color of the pen.
It comes with silver trim and stainless steel nib.  This fountain pen accepts Platinum cartridges or a Platinum converter.

This Plaisir is available in 12 different colors and the pen point is available with either a Medium (0.5mm) or Fine (0.3mm) steel nib

PGB-1000#1 Black / PGB-1000#21 Pink / PGB-1000#25 Nova Orange

PGB-1000#28 Violet / PGB-1000#41 Green / PGB-1000#47 Bali Citrus

PGB-1000#56 Blue / PGB-1000#68 Yellow / PGB-1000#70 Red

PGB-1000B#3 Ice White / PGB-1000B#57 Frosty Blue / PGB-1000B#98 Gun Metal

The Plaisir also features Platinum’s unique slip and seal mechanism in the cap, meaning an airtight screw-on cap that prevents ink from drying out. Other fountain pens can dry out in as little as 2–4 weeks without use, but Platinum's Slip and Seal cap prevents dryout for over a year without use. Meanwhile, a newly redesigned nib and feed regulate the ink flow.

Presented in Platinum gift box together with one black Platinum ink cartridge

Dimensions: 142.5mm long

Diameter: 15mm max

Weight: 15.4g  

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