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History and Manufacturing of Bamboo Craft

2019-11-21 10:17:51 CirclePlus Co.,Ltd. Read

History of Bamboo Craft

The history of bamboo craft is old and has been closely involved in the lives of Japanese people. The craft techniques, which gradually enhanced its value, have been passed down by traditional craftsmen. The main feature of the bamboo weaving fountain pen is the barrel whose beautiful decoration is created through a finely woven bamboo. It also adopts a first linear design in Izumo brands. The weaving design provides a beautiful retro-chic look as well as a smooth fit to your hands.

Manufacturing Process

About the manufacturing process of this pen, numerous processes are necessary to make the bamboo strips. After selecting the right bamboo, a boiling process called aburanuki is used to make the material durable. After this follows the three steps; arawari, habatori and senhiki.  Finally, 36 bamboo strips of an even width (approximately 2mm in width and 0.2mm in thickness) are used to weave the barrel. The two models of Gozame are dyed and thereafter coated with sabiurushi, while Yokoajiro Torafu is simply coated with urushi over the bamboo strips.

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