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How to use the Platinum Ink Cleaning Kit

2019-11-21 10:13:25 CirclePlus Co.,Ltd. Read

1) Remove the used Ink cartridge

2) Fix dropper to inside nib area where the ink cartridge normally goes. Use clean water in a cup to clean the nib by squeezing water in and out of the dropper while affixed to the nib.

3) Wash a nib in the lukewarm water

4) Mix one pack of Ink Cleaner Concentrate into the clean lukewarm water in the amount of 200ml.

5) Soak the nib (with dropper removed) in the mixed liquid for a day.

6) Remove the nib from the cleaner liquid, and fix attached dropper to a nib again to wash it in a cup of clean water again of 10 times for a better result.

7) Rinse everything with clean running water, then wipe with a dry cloth.

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