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Yakusugi (屋久杉)

2019-11-21 10:03:52 CirclePlus Co.,Ltd. Read

Yakusugi (屋久杉) refers to Japanese cedar tree which grows wild on the island of Yakushima more than 500 meters above sea level.

In Japan, “Yakusugi” trees tend to have long lives, and many larger trees can be survived for more than 2,000 years, these make cedar trees the symbol of eternity, long life and prosperity.

Yakushima island and its forest is regarded as National Treasure of Japan, and it is absolutely not allowed to cut Yakusugi nowadays. Only stumps cut down during EDO period or trees that have fallen in natural disasters are allowed to be used thereby making it difficult to obtain. It is the reason why the number of Yakisugi pens is extremely limited and precious.

What makes Yakusugi special is their longevity. The title of 'Yakusugi' cedar tree is generally given to trees over 1,000 years old. For those that are less than a thousand years old is regarded as ”小杉 -  small cedar.

The Yakusugi Cedar is especially prized for its color, beautiful rich grain and light weight. The Platinum “Yakisugi” fountain pens are generally sold of its long life beautiful charm.

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